Kertys Integrator and Digitalent, a solutions editor, join forces to offer a Low Code/No Code AI services package in Africa

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January 15, 2024
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[Casablanca, January 16, 2023] – Kertys Integrator Conseil, a leader in technology solutions integration and digital transformation in Africa, and Digitalent, a solutions editor and AI (Artificial Intelligence) specialist with its MIA platform, are pleased to announce their strategic partnership to offer innovative Low Code/No Code solutions to businesses and organizations across the African continent.

This collaboration and synergy between Kertys Integrator, renowned for its functional and technical expertise in integrating cutting-edge technologies, and Digitalent, specialized in accelerating data-centric projects, aims to revolutionize how companies approach Artificial Intelligence. By focusing on Low Code/No Code, this alliance aims to make AI technologies accessible to a diverse range of industries, fostering innovation and growth.

Key highlights of this partnership include:

  1. Accelerating AI adoption in business: The combination of Kertys' integration expertise and the power of Digitalent's MIA (Artificial Intelligence Engine) will enable businesses of all sizes, regardless of their industry, to leverage the benefits of Artificial Intelligence.
  2. Low Code/No Code solution offerings: By adopting a Low Code/No Code approach, businesses can develop, customize, and deploy AI applications without requiring extensive technical skills, thereby accelerating the deployment process and return on investment.
  3. Optimization of business processes: The proposed solutions will specifically target the optimization of business processes, providing efficiency, productivity, and profitability gains for businesses and organizations in Africa.
  4. Training and Support: Kertys and Digitalent are committed to providing thorough training and ongoing support to ensure that companies can fully harness the capabilities of AI solutions in Low Code/No Code.

Statements from the Partners:

Mr. Ali Lahrichi Mohammed, CEO of Kertys Integrator, stated: "We are delighted to collaborate with Digitalent to bring innovative AI solutions to Africa. Our partnership aims to make Artificial Intelligence accessible to all, especially businesses looking to transform their operations with intelligent and scalable solutions."

Mr. Pascal Corrotti, Deputy General Manager of Digitalent, added: "By joining forces with Kertys, we are taking a crucial step in the use of Artificial Intelligence in Africa. Together, we are facilitating the adoption of advanced technologies without technical barriers, thus stimulating innovation and competitiveness on the continent."

This partnership between Kertys Integrator and Digitalent marks a significant milestone in technological evolution in Africa, offering businesses the opportunity to thrive with advanced AI solutions. For more information on this collaboration and the proposed solutions, please contact

About Digitalent and its MIA Platform:

Founded in 2015, Digitalent is a no-code AI software editor specializing in turnkey acceleration of data-centric projects. Digitalent developed the end-to-end MIA platform in partnership with the X Polytechnique laboratory. Born out of several years of R&D, this technology, available in SaaS and on-premise modes, was designed to meet the data needs of companies of all sizes, from small businesses to large enterprises, and users of various profiles and expertise, from business to data scientists. Combining the best of business intelligence and Artificial Intelligence, MIA centralizes 60 natively integrated machine learning and deep learning algorithms essential for the development and accelerated deployment of analytical big data projects using an intuitive platform. With a team of 30 people, Digitalent assists companies in optimizing their performance through data processing. For more information, visit

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