Work smarter, by using AI not  manually

We empower African companies with the transformative capabilities of AI and other proven technologies to ensure their missions are not only met but exceeded

Our Mission

New chances to use AI are showing up in all parts of our business, making customers expect more and increasing competition. As you grow and take up more of the market, the need to go digital becomes even clearer.

With over 14 years of experience, we've become skilled at helping different industries in Africa and Europe switch to digital, especially using AI and data analytics.

If you think AI isn't for you, talk to us. We'll clear up common misunderstandings and answer your questions. We're sure that once you know the facts and benefit from our knowledge, you'll find it easy to think again and decide that AI is something you should consider for your near future.

Operating Across West Africa: Empowering Businesses with Innovative Solutions

At AI For Africa, we envision a future where businesses across Africa thrive through the transformative power of AI.

Our mission is to democratize access to cutting-edge AI solutions

AI solutions we help you build for your project

Predictive analytics

Due to the always-changing business environment, relying only on past data isn't sufficient for making profitable decisions. That's where predictive analytics comes in. It uses both current and past data to show trends and insights about the future, helping to make better decisions based on data.

Computer vision and Image Processing

Use the power of computer vision to analyze and process images effectively, helping your business grow and tackle challenges. Our computer vision technology covers video analysis, object detection, and image analysis, allowing you to get useful insights from videos and images. Whether you need to separate images, analyze emotions, recognize characters, identify faces, or classify images in context

Natural Language Processing

Every time a customer interacts, like on social media, email, or support chat, a lot of unstructured text data is created instantly. This data can be valuable for businesses. With our natural language processing services, you can find important insights from this data, address text analysis issues like understanding sentiments, and get meaningful information within seconds.

Machine Learning

No-code AI solutions make machine learning accessible to everyone, transforming how businesses and individuals incorporate smart decision-making into their workflows without the need for programming expertise

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